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26 Sep 2020
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Reflection il y a 3 ans 7 mois #812


My name is Tom. I have a question about the reflection.
How do i work with it?

Thank you so much

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Reflection il y a 3 ans 7 mois #813

Hi Tom and welcome,
The full name of the parameter is "Simulated Radar Reflectivity". It is generated by the model to forecast what the weather radars will be seeing. The advantage is that there is no loss of signal as the distance increases from the radar - it is an even picture throughout the map.

Reflectivity is a very useful indicator for the existence of active convection and instability of the atmosphere. Values of 45dbz and higher indicate the existence of hail and possible thunderstorm cells. Active cold fronts show up very well with reflectivity. There is often a match between precipitation and reflectivity when the precipitation is due to convection.

I hope this helps you.

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Reflectie il y a 3 ans 7 mois #814

Thank you so much for the answer.
I appricate it.
Thank also for your greate work. I'ts so beautifull. Respect!
I hope that one day there will be a distinction between low, medium and high cloud cover.
in the meantime, I greet you from Belgium
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