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Serious about your weather? The combination of the best in free and open software with the best in free and open data can be found here.

XyGrib is a leading opensource weather visualization package that now interacts with OpenGribs's Grib server providing a choice of global and large area atmospheric and wave models.

XyGrib also uses free and open pre-cut Gribs of high resolution regional models found on sister site OpenSkiron.org


16 November 2018

XyGrib v1.2.0 was released today. This is a significant feature upgrade that adds five Wide Area Regional Models to the Gribs provided by the Grib Server integral to XyGrib.

OpenGribs' Mission Statement

Continue development of zyGrib

using the name XyGrib and keeping it the leading open source grib reader and weather visualization package. We will also make it available on all platforms and devices.

Provide free and open Gribs

to the user community that deserves free & open high quality forecast resources. We will be expanding on the activities of our sister site OpenSkiron.org while maintaining the same spirit.

Support the user community

on both the usage of XyGrib and on issues related to grib files and numeric forecast models. We hope to develop an active and involved community on our new forum.

About XyGrib

Introduction to the features and uses of XyGrib grib reader and weather forecast visualization package.


This is where releases of XyGrib and other supporting files can be found.

Getting Gribs

More and more sources of good quality gribs are becoming available. We provide some and point to other providers.

Support Area

Support is provide via the community forum. Get your questions answered and also feel free to contribute.

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