Installer Framework - Keeping it Simple

We recommend the Online Installer as this requires a smaller initial download. The application, static data and optional high resolution maps are downloaded by the installer for you when you run it. 

You only need to download an installer ONCE. All future updates can be pulled from the online repository using the XyGrib Maintenance Tool that the installer leaves on your system after initial install.

The Offline Installers contain the application and data and are only intended for use in the case an installation is needed on an offline device using a USB drive etc.

All of the installers will also install a Maintenance Tool application which can be run to: update the installation when a new version is released; add or remove components (including adding the optional high resolution maps); or uninstall the entire XyGrib package.

 Prefer an online installer for your operating system

Windows Online Installer         - XyGrib_Win_Online_Installer_v1.2.6.exe  (18.8MB)

Linux Online Installer              - XyGrib_Linux_Online_Installer_v1.2.6.tgz  (11.8MB)

Mac Online Installer                - XyGrib_Mac_Online_Installer_v1.2.6.dmg (14.4MB)

Use these only if you need an installer for an offline machine 

 Windows Offline Installer        - XyGrib_Win_Offline_Installer_v1.2.6.exe  (37.6MB)

Linux Offline Installer             - XyGrib_Linux_Offline_Installer_v1.2.6.tgz  (39.8MB)

Mac Offline Installer               - XyGrib_Mac_Offline_Installer_v1.2.6.dmg (29.6MB) 

Build and Install Yourself

Should you need to build the application from the source files and install manually the archive of the source files should be downloaded and then build according to the file included in the package and also linked below.

XyGrib sources                   - XyGrib-1.2.6.tar.gz (14.4MB)

Build Instructions                - (3KB)

Debian/Ubuntu (i386, amd64, armhf, arm64)

These are the backported packages for Debian Buster only (1.2.2 version included by default .
Ubuntu offers XyGrib 1.2.6 (in reality 1.2.5 apparently modified by a third party) out of box in 20.04 (

or for the latest versions

sudo apt install apt-transport-https
wget -O -  | sudo apt-key add - 
sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list.d/oss.list
deb buster main contrib non-free
sudo apt update
sudo apt install xygrib


XyGrib is available here

Wiki :

Archi Linux

Xygrib is available in the Arch User Repository

Supplementary Files

These are generally not required.

Should more current translations be available between releases they will be posted here in the translation package.

If you feel like translating for update or new languages, you're welcome: have a look here.

The high resolution maps are only needed for self build and installed packages. Cities files can be used to change/update GIS information shown in XyGrib.

High Resolution Maps         - XyGrib___High_Resolution_Maps.tar.gz  (98.5MB)

XyGrib Language files          - XyGrib___Languages_v1.2.6.tgz (383KB)

GIS Cities files                    - XyGrib___cities_files.tar.gz (2.4MB)

Resources on this site will always be free and open with no commercialization. However, operating costs of the servers to pre-process and deliver GRIB files to XyGrib are not trivial.

If you found the site useful, please share in the effort and help keep us up and running


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