A Grib reader & visualizer is only as good at the Gribs it can read. Likewise Grib files from any particular source are only as good as the package that reads and visualizes them. This is the essence of the drive behind this site - to fuel the symbiosis of providing the best free and open Grib reader (namely XyGrib) together with the best free and open data in Grib form


There are numerous new sources of Grib data that have recently become available as a result of new legislation in the EU regarding access to all data that governmental bodies produce. Most of this data is not in easily usable form and requires a go-between to cut, roll and wrap the data in usable form for the average user. This is what we will be doing here.


There are two methods of providing Gribs. Gribs can be pre-cut and packaged for use or they can be custom created on-demand by the user.


Pre-cut and packaged Gribs

In this case the provider decides on the area coverage, the number of forecast time steps and on which mix of variables will be included in the files. The files are posted on-line and the user downloads the files that suit his needs and then opens them in the Grib reader.

With a particular audience in mind this approach works quite well.

Sources of free & open pre-cut Gribs that are compatible with XyGrib

  • openWRF Gribs at 12km and 4km resolutions produced by openSkiron are available on our sister site openSkiron.org
  • openSkiron Gribs at 11km resolution produced by the University of Athens are available on openSkiron.org
  • ICON EU NEST Gribs at 7km resolution produced by the German DWD are available on openSkiron.org
  • Meteo Consult Gribs at 4km resolution (wind only), produced by Meteo Consult are available on Meteo Consult
  • Arpege Global at 0.5° and Europe at 0.1° resolutions produced by Meteo France in Grib 2 format are available at Meteo France
  • Arome regional model at 0.025° & 0.001° resolutions produced by Meteo France in Grib 2 format are available at Meteo France
  • Harmonie regional model at 2.5km resolution produced by Netherlands KNMI in Grib 2 format are available at Euros Zeilen
  • Hirlam regional model at 5km resolution produced by Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK are available at om.yr.no
  • The German Hydrographic Office produces GRIB files for the currents in the N Sea, Elbe and Baltic at this link

This list is by no means complete and it will be expanded as new sources are checked


Custom Gribs created on demand

The legacy zyGrib software has a built-in feature to request and can download GFS Gribs on-the-fly. The server supporting this was developed by Jacques Zaninetti for zyGrib.org.

The new package XyGrib will keep the same feature and can download GFS Gribs from the existing server hosted on zyGrib.org. We thank Jacques Zaninetti for continuing this reliable service.

Our aim is to create an additional server to expand on the current GFS custom Grib server to provide custom Gribs from other sources now available. New versions of XyGrib will be able to use this new service as it comes on-line.




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