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12 Sep 2019
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TOPIC: Forecast Soundings and General Comments

Forecast Soundings and General Comments 4 months 4 weeks ago #499

Hi. Apologies if there is a threat/post for this somewhere, but I haven't come across it.

Recently new to XyGrib, after being advised of the software. I'm a meteorologist in the UK and must say it is a great piece of software. I've got a variety of data to hand, as part of the 'day job' but this is a great program and what was of primary interest to me was the forecast soundings from the ICON and ARPEGE model data. As far as I'm aware there is no other source of sounding information from those models online.

Just some general comments, more potential requests than anything, especially the first...

1) Is it possible to have a 'sounding animation'? - When you select a site of your choice it obviously brings up the Local window. Along the bottom (where applicable) are on the links to the sounding imagery. However, to be able to view the soundings you have to select each time frame you're after and end up with several separate browser winds open. So, hence, the suggestion when further updates are issued for having an animation button available so all the soundings can be loaded and viewed in window SkewT - Local 'window'.

2) The ability to compare model data would be good as well, if at all possible. At the moment if you wanted to view say the ARPEGE and ICON models for the EU, then you have to open up two individual XyGrib windows and have them on separate monitors to compare and contrast.

3) Perhaps a server 'issue', but the ability to be able to download more than 50MB would be ideal as well. Some of the available charts quickly get beyond that amount and it can be very limiting, but, again, perhaps that can't be helped at the moment.

If anyone knows of any other sources of grib data as well, from other models then please paste the links in here. I'm aware of the individual links on this website to other sites, but, unfortunately, the majority of that data doesn't actually cover the UK, or not properly, with 'sections' of the UK cut up which makes analysis and viewing difficult. The AROME model, for example, on wxCharts ( www.wxcharts.com/?panel=default&model=ar...n=-0.250&skewtstep=0 ) covers more of England, Wales and Ireland than the available AROME download, perhaps that can be advanced on as well.

Best wishes and kind regards to all and thanks again for a great 'little' program.

Matt Hugo.

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Forecast Soundings and General Comments 4 months 4 weeks ago #500

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Thank you for your nice comments.

In relation to your suggestion :

1) It is not yet in the pipeline, there are so many things that we already want to achieve.
2) This should arrive in one of the next version
3) This is regularly requested, but not easy for time server consumption and bandwith. But with grib2 files it is quite easy to concatenate files of the same area with different variables to have then more than one variable (in Linux cat file1 file2 ... > concatfile)

We try to provide sources of grib files on opengribs.org/en/gribs . Each time we discover new sources we try to add them; but they are not always easy to find. So any info is very welcome.
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