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31 Jul 2020
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COSMO-D2 1 month 3 weeks ago #765

any plans to add the COSMO-D2 model to your server? the GRIB2 data is made publically available by DWD, as ICON, at
I have download the gribs manually and copy in the xygrib grib directory. How can I open all the gribs files together and not a single grib file?

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COSMO-D2 1 month 3 weeks ago #766

Hi Alessio,

The XyGrib gribserver provides global models and large area regional models at medium resolution. We do not include local/regional models at high resolution due to the huge volume needed by such models such as cosmo.
We do however provide pre-cut and packaged Cosmo D2 grib files on our sister site at openskiron.org/en/cosmo-gribs . These are targeted to the sailing community.

It is possible to concatenate (join) the files using the appropriate command line commands. Just Google "how to concatenate binary files in windows or linux"

in Windows cmd terminal try
COPY /B File1.grb+ File2.grb+File3grb file_joined.grb

In Linux
cat file1.grb file2.grb file3.grb > file_joined.grb
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