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26 Sep 2020
SVP - Pas de téléchargement en masse ! Cela surcharge le serveur et empêche la communauté d'utilisateurs d'accéder aux données
WE WILL BLOCK IP'S THAT ARE BULK DOWNLOADING! Nous bloquerons les IPs des personnes qui agissent de la sorte.
PLEASE GO DIRECTLY TO THE GRIB PRODUCERS (NOAA, DWD...) FOR BULK DOWNLOADS. Allez chercher les données directement à la source (NOAA, DWD ...)


ECMWF 3 years 8 months ago #305

So it is normal to have only Pressure available as data for these gribs in xygrib direct download?
Philippe (qtVlm)

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ECMWF 3 years 8 months ago #306

Hi Philippe and welcome to the forum.

To get a bit more than surface pressure one needs to select altitude data for 850mb and 500mb.
This adds wind and temp for 850mb and geopotential height for 500mb as shown in the info dialog below.

There is not too much info provided by ECMWF for free but the available data can help in evaluating the medium range forecast



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ECMWF 3 years 7 months ago #308

Thanks David, it's clear now

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ECMWF 3 years 4 months ago #423

As a long retired professional meteorologist, a sailor and a cynic, I do have to question the real value of the ECMWF forecasts over and above GFS and ICON. I am well aware that ECMWF out-performs the rest, slightly better than the U.K. and a little more so than GFS and ICON. But, when I look at www.weathercast.co.uk/services/ensemble-forecast.html, I see very little consistent differences. Such differences as there are, are well within the natural uncertainty, noise if you like, in the weather. There are limits to predictability and that basic fact is not appreciated by the vast majority of the public, even the more meteorologically aware.

As a sailor, I see no point in using Predictwind to get ECMWF output. You are doing a great job, David.

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Last edit: by Frank.

ECMWF 3 years 4 months ago #424

Thanks Frank.

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ECMWF 3 years 1 month ago #528

Hello. My name is Ihor, I`m from Ukraine. I work for kNESS Energy in the electricity market monitoring department. Now I am working on a new project connected with the forecasting of the generation of photovoltaic stations. Where I can get parameters such as: solar radiation, temperature, humidity and wind speed. But with discretion 1 hour or less. Thanks. =)

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